Chapter 2 : A Loser and A Killer

The bell rings, It's time to go home. The sun is schorching this last two months. Neo walks toward the toilet while other students walking to the gate. Neo doesn't want to get out early, he intends to buying times so the bus would be empty. Like usual Neo choose the corner cabinet. He see a notification at the middle cabinet's door wrote “Broken”. After finish, he doesn't get out directly, he sit on the closet and open up small book of Kahlil Gibran. But something stop him reading. He can feel there is someone inside one of the cabinet. Neo is not use to using his ability in the toilet. But in the time like this hours, he suppose to be alone. Other wise he can't be comfortable doing his thing reading. He is so courious.

Neo bent his head down. Let his sight going through the toilet's wall untill the middle cabinet. Neo can see three students in uniform. Neo knows them, Ponte, Igor and Erik.They seems want to do something but they wait. They stand still and whispering as they don't want anybodies knows that they were there. Neo feels they waiting for him to come out. Neo hurry up to get going. But when he pass the middle cabinet written “Broken”, he can hear Miska's name wisphered in there. When he get out from the toilet, he look for a corner. He stand there among the broken chairs that nobodies can't see and try to concentrate. Again, he can see the three boys in uniform. They looks so busy with a piece of cable rope. Ponte going up to the toilet hood. Holding the end of the cable that's been instaled with a small camera. He put it on the corner of an air ventilation on the wall that separate the men and women toilets. The other end of the cable is plugged in to a laptop that is held by Erik. In the screen seen on of the female toilet from upon the air ventilation.

“They usually go to toilet 5 minutes before end of breaktime,” Ponte whispering while stick in the cable to the wall with sticky tape.

“Miska is the last person come out,” Igor added.

“You are so in to her do you,” said Erik ti Igor.

“How about you? With Brita?” Igor ask back.

“Nothing special. We are just a month.” Erik said.

“Ponte, why don't you date Kristin?” Igor said to Ponte.

“She is not bad.” Ponte hold his exciting laugh.

“It's gonna be fun seeing them take off their panties.” Erik laughs and so the other two.

Neo comes out from his hiding place. He walks fast through the shool alley that already empty. Ponte, Igor and Erik names their gang as Macho Gang. And in this world, only Neo knows their plans, Neo have a chance to be a hero for Miska.


It's a bright morning while Neo is waiting for a sedan parked infront of the school. This time he's not trying to concentrate. All he thinks is how to talk to Miska. His vision is not penetrate through the sedan. He is just staring at the door's car, gather up his guts, because just in a second, Miska would be out of that door.

“Miska!” Neo finally can call her out.

Miska turn to the voice and find Neo coming toward her. Miska knows Neo, because they're in the same class. But that's all. They never talked all this time. Not even for any little interaction.

“There's something I've got to tell you. It's important!” Neo trying to manage his voice.

“What is it? “ Miska wondering. Early in the morning, there's a clumsy boy infront of her, trying to inform something important.

“Do you know Macho Gang?... I mean Ponte, Igor and Erwin. They put a hidden camera to record women toilet.” Neo tells her with stumbling voice.

“What is that mean?” Miska wondering even more. The stories feel so weird for her.

“They want to record you, Brita and Kristin in the toilet.”


“Why don't you check the ventilation at the toilet?”

Miska trying to figure out what's Neo telling her. But voices calling out her from the gate. Brita and Kristin are there.

“Sorry, they wait for me.” Miska step away from Neo.

“You better check the ventilation first.” Neo little bit scream.

“Ok!” Miska replied just to pleased him as she keeps walking to the gate.

Neo wondering if it was his best performance infront of her. But he just feel relieve telling her something he knows. Something only he knows.


Neo walk to the library at the break time. Not like any other student who have money to buy something at the cafetaria. He brings only a bottle of water in his bag. But when he pass the cafetaria, he saw Miska, Brita and Kristin with Ponte, Igor and Erik. Neo wonders. He slow down his step. The six of them stand on the one of cafetaria corner and they looking toward him. Neo feels that they all know what he told Miska this morning. And how he never thought that how close they are.They are a bunch of rich students in school. And people just knew that Brita and Erik were dating.

Neo turnaway his direction. Not heading to the library anymore. He take his step quickly at the toilet. At the break time the toilet is always busy. He pretends queuing infront of the toilet written “Broken”. But in the inside he doesn't see any cable on the wall and ventilation. No cable. No laptop. Neo plans to convince Miska about what he told this morning. Neo want Miska think he means with his story. But when the bell rings, Neo can only watch Miska walk out the class running over other students.

May be tomorrow morning Neo can talk Miska about it. He tries to think of the right words to affirm her while he walk to the gate. But from the distance he can see Ponte, Igor and Erik behind the gate. Neo feels nervous and the school yard has already empty. The gate is the only exit and he have to pass it. He walk straight forward it. All he thinks is Miska.

Ponte appear from behind the gate as Neo walks closer. He blocks Neo's way.

“What did you say to Miska this Morning?” Ponte ask Neo.

Neo feels he doesn't have to answer it. He tries to avoid Ponte but Igor and Erik are standing right infront of him already.

“Are you try to be a hero?” Igor ask him as he make his stocky chess close to Neo's nose.

Neo can't go anywhere . Three boys surrounding him.

“He has a crush on Miska. Maybe he has to pass your body first, Gor.” Eric laughing cinically.

“Do you think Miska would interest your story?” Igor add.

Neo can't take it anymore. He tries to get through them. Ponte tries to block Neo but Igor hold him.

“Do you want to be a hero? Look at yourself in the mirror!” Igor scream to Neo that already running away. Ponte and Erik are laughing out loud.


Cumulus block the sun shine this afternoon. Neo in a hurry walking down a narrow alley. A short cut from school to a bus stop. But he stop his step because he can see Igor's car parked not far behind the alley. Neo turn back his way, but Ponte is seen coming from the end of alley with his motorcycle. And from the other end Igor and Erik walk fast getting closer to him. Neo in the middle of the alley. At his left and right are big factory walls 3 meter high. No bodies in the alley but them right now.

Neo just can stand at his feet. While Ponte has parked his motorcycle crossing the alley not far from him. Igor come closer and grab Neo's hand quickly.

“I have a message from Miska, she wants souvenir from you,” Igor whispers close to Neo's ear.

Neo tries to rout. But Erik has grab his other hand. Neo looks helpless being dragged toward the wall by those two big guys.

“Ponte, the camera!” Igor ask to Ponte.

Ponte get his cellphone and turn on the camera mode.

Noe has no idea what they're up to him. The more he routs the more they tightened their strangle untill they're all shaky and rolling down to the ground. But still Neo can't move his body. Igor and Erik are too strong for him. Neo feels his pant is being stripped. His leg trying to let go the strangle but Ponte's big body has already step on him.

“His panties as well!” Igor orders Ponte as his body still step on Neo's

“Miska must be like to see it.” Erik laugh. His hand hold Neo's body that shakes.

Neo feels his panties isn't at the place it should be anymore. The flash light of Ponte's cell phone keep going on. Neo keep trying but all he can do is straining. Imagining how Miska would seeing this embarassing moment.

In the despair Neo close his eyes. All he wish is to get rid of these boys that strangle him down. But suddenly his vision is going to someplace. Neo see a railway. A railway that accros not far from the school. The steal rail look meltded by the sun blazing. Neo can feel the heat from that endless lane. Then he can see the surface of the steal is shaking. The shaking become harder and harder. Then there are wheel train rolling getting closer and closer. An express train darting through the lane, moving fast to trajectory. Many cars and motorcycles are waiting near train sign post. There's big sign written “Beware! Train Trajectory”. The train trajectory which Neo passing over everyday.

But then the vision of the trajectory suddenly disappear. Igor and Erik so close to him laughing out loud.

“Get away from me!” Neo scream at the final dispair.

And he surprised because he can move his body. The two boys who strangle him has gone. Igor and Erik just like disappear. Neo just see Ponte standing froze confuselly. Realize he stiil lying on the ground, Neo get up quickly, taking up his pants that's been on his knees. Neo still standing froze. But seeing Neo already able to stand, he running away leaving his motorcycle. Neo just watching Ponte disappear at the end of the alley. Then he looking arround the queit alley. He still trying to figure out what was really happened. He sees Ponre's cellphone lying on the ground. Quickly Neo's take it and erase all the picture been captured showing his body without panties. He want to throw it away. But then he undo it. He is thinking about returning it, but it's imposible after all what happened. He just turn it off and put inside his pocket. Then he running out of the alley.


Neo feel weird when he get to train trajectory. People hiddle arround and run toward there. Long queing cars and motorcycle been arround on the side of the rail way. A Police car is coming with loud sirine. From the people passing over orround that place, Neo knows there are two boys hit by the train. They are in high school uniform.

Neo stop his step. His trying hard to think of any possibilities that might happens. Fear starting fill his mind . He is so afraid to keep walking to the trajectory.


That night Neo can't close his eyes. And in the morning at school, the flag flown half mast. Through the loud speakers in the entire school's corners, the principal announce that there wont be any school activities today as condolences due to death of two students, Igor and Erik. which were hit by the train.

The next morning, Neo come to school with the heavy feeling. He feels so mess up. He can't put his face up since in the gate. He stare at the ground. But he still can see some students staring at him with strange look. And he can see Ponte in the corner. Ponte staring at him from distant with scare yet hatred look. Ponte looks whispering something to some students. Including Brita and Kristin. Then there is also Miska. Who is looking at a boy walking with his head down. Neo knows she is looking at him. Neo can see her eyes seems like keeping a lot of question. Ponte stories may have spread all over the school. But who can prove it. Neo himself can't figure out what was really happened. What was happening will always be a mistery. A mistery about a weird boy in this school.

When the bell ring, Neo tries to avoid pass on everybody. Like usual he is going to the toilet. But unusual, the gardener is there. He is pulling out the papper that stick on the one of the toilet door.

“This toilet is fine, why it's witten broken,” the gardener mumbling as he looks inside the toilet cabinet.

Neo hears him while he is arrived the toilet. He enters the corner cabinet after the gardener walk out from there. In the inside, he is just sitting on the toilet hood. This time he is not just waiting for the time when the bus vaccant. He is avoid meeting up with all students in the school. Even though nobody knows what was really happen, he still feel that he killed the two boys. But above all, know he realize who is he. He's not like any students in this school. Alone in the toilet, he feels so lenoley. He doesn't have any guts to come out from there. He is crying. He is not just a looser, he is also a killer.

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