Chapter 5 : Jetro, Violet, Jagor and a Mission


Straight road keep going down, Neo feels like being pushed forward following his shadow that getting longer on a street asphalt. He can imagine how difficult it is for one to walk back upward. At his side, big trees that getting further looks getting tighter and darker.

The lady on the colt is correct. After the flat road then it is going left. Following her direction, Neo keep walking straight, until end of asphalt road, he find the foot path which traversing the trees.

It is getting darker when Neo walk down the narrow glebe road. Leafy leaves are tight upon his head. Neo see a glimpse, a snake is crawling on the branches. Just a minutes later, hanging bridge is seen ahead. It is as narrow as the globe road. A wooden bridge that only hanged by ropes. Neo feels a bit scared as it is shaking everytime he makes a step. Neo tight up his holding. 5 m down the river is so rush going through big stones. Neo push him self to make it to the end of the bridge, because he believes it won't take any longer for him to reach the place he desired to be.

After the bridge, the foot path going in to dense forest which is tighter and darker. Few times Neo can see snakes on the trees, crawling over or just stick still. He remember the lady on the colt suggestion. So he tries to ignore the snakes. He only wish they don't appear suddenly on his face.

It is getting bright when Neo reach the end of the foot path. Ahead of him grass over laid a big land. It is up his knee. He walks trough it, leaving big trees behind. His step going faster, try to reach a big long wall that lie athwart. It looks the same with the building of Paranormal Academy Jakarta.

The sky is getting reddish, but still can be seen a gate in the middle of the long big wall. Neo steps toward the gate. But suddenly Neo can feel there is someone behind him. He turns back to find out and a boy his age is standing near him. He wears rayband and grins. For awhile Neo wonders how come he just showed up out of no where and standing folding hands upon his chess.

“Sorry, my name is Jetro”, he is giving his hand.

“Borneo”, doubtly Neo reply.

“Are you going to Paranormal Academy?” This boy is asking.

“Yes I am,” Neo answer shortly as he stare at the boy in front of him, the hair is straight, short at the back, but longer at fore head blown by the wind. He is wearing white shirt and black tie. He still grinning.

“How do you know this school?” He asks again.

“It was some mysterious man who gave me a message on a letter,” Neo answer him as it is, while he takes a paper out of his pant pocket.

The boy looks serious now and read the paper then he look thoroughly to Neo.

“What is he looks like?”

“I didn't see clearly, he wore all white, with sandal and the hair is almost all white.”

The boy return the paper back after folding it. He seems already know the person that Neo was telling him.

“Where are you from?”


“You bring nothing from Jakarta?”

“I was robbed on the bus.”

“At slum settlement before Tanah Hitam?”

“Yeah, many vile houses there.”

“Never been a safe place there.”

The boy then staring toward the long wall.

“This school is already 3 months running and so far no problems. This school is different. You can register on Monday. Tomorrow is Sunday, holyday.” The boy start to grins again.

“Are you going to this school to?” Neo asks.

“Yes, I was moving from JIPA.”

Neo still look at the boy. He looks funny for Neo, but arrogant. He actually would like to ask a lot of questions. But the boy is giving his hand already.

“Come on, I'll meet you to my friend. With her it's going to be easy with the administration things. Hold my hand.”

Neo doesn't understand what is the boy up to. But he doesn't have any choices. It is only this boy he met in a place like this and the day is getting dark. Neo gives his hand, the boy tightened to Neo's holding.

“Ready?” The boy grins.

Suddenly Neo feels like being dragged to a place he can barely see. The things around are moving so fast. But when it stops there's no more prairie. It is gone. Infront of Neo now is a big hall. It is a sport hall just like the one in his school. But here is bigger. In the middle of it is a basket ball court and a girl there, spinning around with roller skates. She has a long hair and her bangs falling in her forehead. She wears long sleeves shirt and a black skirt down to her calf. Seems like she hasn't aware of Neo and the boy with rayband there.

“Her name is Violet. She can forecast your future if you like,” the boy smiling as he ask Neo to follow him. Sound of steps makes the girl realize someone is there.

“Jet? Are you teleporting?” The girl stops from her moves. She looks upset with the boy she called Jet.

“Relax, it was close, it's faster anyway,” the boy tries to look calm.

“Haven't I give you the side gate key already? If the teacher caught you using teleport, it is going to be complicated.”

“Relax Vio, trust me, I know what I'm doing. Here is our guest you have forecast his coming. He is here now.”

With still looks upset, the girl looks at Neo. She sees a dirty boy, with black t-shirt and old jeans. His white shoes look dirty. The girl is sliding to get to Neo.

“Violet,” she is introduce herself.

“Borneo,” Neo replies directly.

“He comes from Jakarta. His backpack was robbed in Tanah Hitam,” the boy interrupted.

The girl looks at Neo for a moment with still holding Neo's hand. Her face looks innocent but the eyes looks so deep. Her eye brows is thick and the lips is tiny like always want to saying something.

“So come with me to my home,” she said while taking off her holding. “meanwhile wear what is left of your clothing, tomorrow I will be going to get your needs,” then the girl turns around leaving Neo.

“Vio, isn't he suppose to stay at dormitory,” the boy with black glasses try to go after her. Then the two of them looks arguing something one of the corner of the hall. But the girl is seems ignoring him as she take off her roller skate and change with boots.

From further, Neo watching them. At least Neo has two of people he knows now, Jet for Jetro and Vio for Violet. Neo tries to remember.

The light is off at the hall. Vio has turn it off. Just the room near to the exit door is light up. Vio carries her bag to that room. Jet comes along as he calls up to Neo to keep following.

Outside is dark already, only some lights that are coming from some buildings. But Neo still can see the shape of the building which are similar with the ones in Jakarta.

“What time you'll be to my house?” Vio seriously asks Jet.

“Arround 9 o'clock. If Jag can make it teleporting to Mercusuar himself, I won't be difficult to teleport him to your house.”

“Are you sure he can do it tonight?”

“Yes, as positive as while you do the teleport for the first time yourself. He is as good as you,” Jet grins as he loosen up his tie.

Vio looks pissed off with Jet reaction. But she tries to believe the boy. But Neo, a lot of the two person's conversation he doesn't understand.


Vio and Jet agree to split up, as Vio asks Neo to join her. Neo hypnotically ok with the command. They both walk on a pedestrian. Suddenly Neo realize, he surrounded by buildings and a big park. Not far from him there are fountains, pedestrians and trees are laid out cycling as they get higher in the middle. It's remind him of one like this back in Jakarta but it was untaken care of with die trees all over it. Here gurgling water from the fountains like soft music on his ears.

Tired, Neo tries to keep following the girl in front of him. Until they get to the three stories building. A big hole on the wall of the first floor of the building. It is like a half rounded tunnel that lead them through.

“It is a library,” Vio tells him slightly as she keep on going into the tunnel. Neo look up to tunnel's palate. There are curved beams that hold the building. Until they get out and find a big court yard and a big wall stretch long on the ground. In the middle of it, the gate that Neo saw while he was in the prairie. There is parking lot not far from there. A black sedan parked on the side way. A man in a blazer appears from inside the car running rush toward Vio. The man then grabs Vio's bag and hurried going back to the car and put the bag in the trunk. As Vio pleased Neo to get in the car, she gets from another door and sits beside Neo. Neo feels weird to sit by the girl, more over with all scent and soft sit of a luxury car he never feels before get him even more awkward.

“Where is Jet going?” Neo tries to break the awkward situation.

“He is going back to dormitory. Tonight he will check on our friend's teleport ability, Jag,” Vio answer flat as the car move out.

“Teleport?” Neo tries to repeat up Vio's words.

“Yes, it is an ability to move one place to another place we wanna be. Jet is the only kid with this ability since he was born. He taught me and Jag how to do it. But dragging someone along by teleport would less the speed. More over if that person have no ability like you. The teacher would caught us doing that.”

Neo tries to absorbs as they get to the gate.

“Here is the key Pak Udin,” Vio gives a bunch of keys to the man in the blazer behind the wheels. He then unleash some pad locks at the gate.

“Whatever you know about this teleport, keep it off the record in the school,” Vio firmly said to him.

“Why?” Neo responses innocently.

“Teleport will be taught in the third grade. So it is forbidden cause it's not the time yet,” Vio said quickly as the car has move out the gate and the man has gone back into the car after locking up all the pad locks.


The car is moving on passing the shadow grass that swaged by the wind and then the road lead them into the woods. From inside the car they can only see asphalt that stroke by the car light. After then the car go over the bridge.

“Were you using this road?” Vio breaks the silence.

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